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            产品展示 Product


            System Summary

            Medium Batch Fast Cycle systems designed for continuous flow manufacturing of larger substrates. Ideal for functional decorative coatings such automotive trim, wheels, plumbing fixtures and door handles,. Rotating single or multi-planetary fixture designs provide uniform coating. The Colt platform can be configured for almost any deposition methodology making it the ideal coating solution for almost any industry.

            System Type

            • Vertical Small Batch Fast Cycle
            • Two door with rotating tooling fixtures

            Optimized Coating Area

            • 48” 1211mm Height
            • 38” 960mm Diameter
            • Single or Multi-Planetary Tooling Options





            Technical Summary

            Dual door batch fast cycle systems designed for high power sputtering in continuous flow manufacturing. Rotating single or multiple planetary tooling provides exceptional flexibility in part size and load arrangements.

            Coating Method Options

            • Planar Cathode (DC, RF, AC, HIPIMS)
            • Rotatable Cathode (DC, RF, AC)
            • Cathodic Arc
            • PECVD – MF AC Plasma

            Typical System Dimensions

            • Width – 4.3M (13.8’)
            • Depth - 5.0M (16.6’)
            • Height – 2.9M (9.2’)